Goodbye, 'Halloween Asteroid'

This is 'Halloween Asteroid' 2015 TB145, as it was approaching Earth, imaged with the Arecibo telescope radar. As it turned out, the space rock measures around 600 meters and rotates once every five hours around its axis. It is thus larger than initially thought.


How to find 'Halloween Asteroid' 2015 TB145 using Stellarium

A 'halloween asteroid' is approaching. First off, regardless what you might hear on 'the internet', there is no danger of a collision with 2015 TB145. The 400-something-meter space rock will pass Earth on October 31, 17:12 UT, at a safe distance of 494,000 kilometers, which is 1,3 times the distance to the moon. Close enough however to be seen with small backyard telescopes - if you know where to look.