Name Exoplanets - "official" and IAU-approved

So far they're called "Cygni B b", "HD 128311 c" or "OGLE235-MOA53 b" - but now you can give Exoplanets (and their host stars) proper names. The best: You don't have to "buy" them from some company, and the names given will be official - approved and recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). 


Occultation of Saturn, July 7/8

A rare occultation of Saturn by the waxing gibbous moon occurred last night (July 7/8 2014) over the southern parts of South America. I was lucky enough to observe this event under clear skies in La Serena, Chile, with a 12" dobsonian. Although I enjoyed most of it just by watching though the eyepiece, I managed to take some pictures, some of them just by holding a small snapshot camera to the eyepiece. Here they are: