Why the Norwegian "Skydiving Meteorite" came from Earth, not from Space

This was one of those mornings when instead of getting to my work I got ghastly distracted by some incredible news: A Norwegian skydiver has filmed how he almost got hit by a meteorite! Really sensational, if true. My first thought: Is this a joke, a hoax? It didn't look that way. The video came via a respected Norwegian broadcasting corporation (which in itself does not mean much these days) and looks professionally made. Look for yourself, if you haven't already. (The meteorite claim has been retracted by the Norwegians, scroll down for updates!)


Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, 2014

On Tuesday, April 15 2014, the Moon will enter Earth's shadow and undergo a total eclipse. The eclipse will be visible in it's entirety during the morning of April 15 in most of the Americas and the pacific ocean. It's final stages can bee seen also during evening twilight of April 15 in western Australia. It's the fist one of two total lunar eclipses this year, the second occurs on October 8th, and is also best visible in the pacific region.