Globular clusters: ω Centauri vs. 47 Tucanae

Blessed with clear, moonless evening skies, I imaged my two favorite globular clusters last night. They are, not by accident, the brightest and most impressive of them all: Omega (ω) Centauri and 47 Tucanae, a.k.a. NGC 5139 and NGC 104.


Call for observation: Asteroid occults Regulus

Stargazers in Northeastern Canada and United States, get ready, this is a very rare event! In what's according to Sky&Telescope is "best and brightest 'asteroid occultation' ever predicted for North America", the main-belt asteroid (163) Erigone will occult one of the brightest stars of the night sky, Regulus, or α Leonis - it may even completely "switch" it off. The event will be visible in a large stretch that includes Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York metropolitan area, upstate New York, and Ontario. The occultation is predicted to occur next wednesday night (March 19-20) at 02:05 EDT (07:05 UTC). It may last up to 14 seconds.